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ultimate JAKE simulator

Ultimate JAKE simulator

It's a simulator. About Jake. (basically an offensive cookie clicker)

Sans fight

Sans Fight

Its the sans fight, but online! It even works on mobile devices.

Unfair Undyne

Undyne Fight

Undyne fight


Undyne Fight

Its the Undyne fight, but online!


Grand Dad fight

I modified the sans fight to be based off of the grand dad hack for Undertale. It's not perfect because of the way it was made, but I've tried to include the dialogue.

Meme Fight

Meme Fight

The Sans Fight but your fighting sans with a doge head and the attacks are based on memes.

Cookie Clicker

A reuploading of Cookie Clicker from Be aware that this isn't the latest version, I had to use an outdated version so that it works on iOS, which is the device I'm catering to for the most part.

Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros online

Online version of super Mario bros for the NES


Android Emulator

An Android Emulator, brought to you by

iOS Simulator

IOS Emulator

An iOS emulator brought to you by


Doge Miner

A cookie clicker with doges


GamePlay Color

To get any roms you would bother playing, click this and add it to your google drive.