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UPDATE/WIP: Android app!

I'm working on an Android version of this website. I'm not certain on how it works, however. I can't test it currently on a real device, just a simulator. But as far as I can tell it will function the same as a browser, apart from the sans fights, they may be a little broken, but will still function for the most part.

UPDATE: Gameplay Color

Added Gameplay Color, an amazing gameboy/color emulator! I even made it so the entire setup is hosted here on x10host, so if the original is ever blocked, your all set!

UPDATE: Doge Miner

Added another cookie clicker rip-off, dove miner. Please note that it's not perfect. I can't be bothered to test if the original site is broken or my rip of it is, but when you launch to the moon, the game gets very borked.

UPDATE: cookie clicker

Cookie Clicker is now up to date, working on mobile devices as well


Made the site look *kinda* much more professional, as well as making games easier to find. This update has broken a bunch of games, however. I'm working on that right now.

UPDATE: cookie clicker

Added cookie clicker. It's an old version, however. This was originally because it was the only version I could rip but now it's because this version works on iOS browsers.

UPDATE: Ultimage JAKE Simulator

Added jak simulator. It should be up to date from spicymemes.com even though said site expired.